Dirty Laundry Records is a non-profit record label based out of Mankato, Minnesota founded by Tim King and Trevor Skarie. We believe that good music should be shared and that every musician deserves a shot at turning their passion into a career.

Quite simply, we’re here for the music, we couldn’t imagine a future without it. That’s why we offer free access to all of our resources. At the end of the day, we want to see our friends succeed.

We understand that in today’s world, finding access and contact to the many facets of the music industry can be difficult and often daunting. We also acknowledge that the ability to successfully release new music becomes increasingly more difficult every day with the growing size of the internet.

That’s where we come in to help, we provide a multitude of resources to suit all of your needs as an emerging musician. Tim King is our Head of Audio, he offers free studio time in the Dirty Laundry Studio (Mankato, MN) with professional, high-grade recording, mixing, and mastering. Tim also has an ever-growing personal collection of guitars, basses, and amps that he has available for use during your recording sessions. Trevor Skarie is our Head of Visual, he offers professional-grade artwork and design direction to suit all of your visual needs, such as album packaging, merchandising, branding, digital promotions, and beyond. In addition to all of our audio and visual resources, we also have an ever-growing rolladex of media outlet contacts that we call upon to help push your music as far as possible.

Let's make some music!