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Recede a little way back from your eye threshold and hold it for a second. Go on, do it. Gone in a moment, but recapturable in a place where the rock band Absinthe of St. Paul, MN is playing – worry not.

TK's abrasive and momentum-building guitar playing somehow draws outward while you continue to recede inwards – swirling with Camielle's enchanting, siren-style vocals that add density by contrast to the air around you. The Earth supports the atmosphere as TK and Camielle combine to create the air that you're breathing. Skarie's basslines overwhelm your nerve endings like sub-sonic vibrations in tectonic crust and in a transmissive way, communicate to you exactly how you are to breathe in this new and intoxicating atmosphere that avoids stasis wholesale by the hand of their drummer, affectionately called Shifty, who mimics the excitement of a freeway. Absinthe travels straight to the forehead, dude.

New music coming soon...

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