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civil decline
civil decline

This 3-piece grunge set, consisting of Michael (Guitar / vox), Daniel (drums), and Gabo (bass) were founded in the Twin Cities basement show scene and is picking up steam in the greater Minnesota area before releasing any music to the public at all.

Featuring droning guitar and funk grunge feedback, telephonic clean vocals couple with greasy yowls to create a hazy and honest sound. Alternatively swingy and brazen drums, broken up with tight, breakneck fills, and undulating, groovy bass round out this young relic of a three piece.

If music could be a feeling, this band is like throwing a brick on the gas pedal of a 70’s hot rod. Perfectly coupling the Ramones style origins of punk with the looser grit of where the scene is headed now, Civil Decline is everything you need for a night of sweat, dirt, and heavy lungs.

New music coming soon…

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